Traumatic Brain Injury

Recently I worked with a wonderful associate at Bloomingdales, who showered me with great of course...I took him some shortbread. 

Days later we spoke by phone, and he told me he bit into a piece and it brought him to tears.
While I appreciated his reaction...I thought it rather extreme.

He then explained:
Last year, he suffered a Traumatic Brain injury, lost 10 yrs of his life from his memory.  
Eating a piece of shortbread, triggered a memory of his father, who has since passed...a particular memory until that moment, was lost because of his injury.

This story so touched me - because making this shortbread always feel like such an ode to Nana & Mum.
= The Shortbread Effect=

My Nana's House

During my package design research, I wrote to the Shetland Historic Society.  Not only did they respond, but Dorothy, the member who responded, informed me she was my mother's second cousin! This wonderful fortuitous connection resulted in my trip to Shetland, to meet Dorothy and many of my extended family. 

We travelled around Shetland, stopping for tea and cake and many stories, at the homes of various cousins. How wonderful.

Dorothy took me to Hardwall House, Delting.   The birthplace of my Nana, Johanna Margaret Johnson, in 1900. I am pictured standing in front of the door of Hardwall House.


There comes a time....  it was time.  After years of customizing chocolate shortbread for friends or special events, listening to friends rave about spreading Nutella on my Original Shortbread, I decided to 'just-do-it" .

3 NANAS Chocolate Shortbread has just the right amount of dark semi-sweet chocolate  finely blended, with a subtle undertone that lingers on the palate. The shortbread still has its signature smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency.    

I'm excited, and so is everyone who tastes it. The Chocolate shortbread box is distinguished by a gold "Chocolate" label on the front - a brown raffia bow replaces the gold bow on the Original box.